Event Details


DFJC Prayer Gathering 2016 | Friday November 11th


3:00 - 5:00


DCC Uptown | 1595 Pearl St, Denver, CO 80203




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 DFJC exists to invite dignified dialogue and provoke movement towards justice.

We do this through 4 key elements:

  • Examination – The world is full of answers and everyone wants to stand their ground, but DFJC invites everyone to set aside their presuppositions and begin to dialogue and ask questions. We recognize there are a variety of values and opinions and everyone feels so passionate about their beliefs. DFJC is a safe environment to ask questions and hold provocative, but respectful conversations.

  • Nourishment – Working in the trenches towards justice can be exhausting! It’s painful, heartbreaking, and can feel endless. There are so many needs in the city and naturally we feel compelled towards giving of ourselves. Sometimes we can give too much and need to slow down and take care of ourselves too. We need soul care to sustain our work so that we can be here for the long haul. DFJC focuses solely on sustainable justice during the pre-conference.

  • Collaboration – Along with feeling overwhelmed by the needs, there is also so much pressure to do everything on our own. Our competitive culture presses us to be the best at our work above the rest, but this just doesn’t cut it. We need each other and partners in our work. We need churches and organizations to come together and support one another. DFJC champions collaboration and co-leadership in our city. We can only become stronger and more effective when we link arms.

  • Response – DFJC inspires listening and learning, but also responding to Denver’s most pressing issues. We not only provide education & resources for the attendees, but ways to advocate and act. We desire to provoke movement towards justice.